Step on how to get compensated for your insurance claim

Whether it’s vandalism or theft, claim your insurance to get compensation for it. The three words ‘Claim Your Insurance’ may sound easy. Unfortunately, the process isn’t as easy as you thought it to be. Your insurance company is liable for the damages of your insured property. But, still, you’ve to cross many red tapes to get the amount you deserve.

Seek professional assistance of general insurance consultants to settle down the claims beneficially. If you think it’s a DIY task, follow the tips discussed below.

Report to the Police:
If it’s a case of stolen or vandalism, file a complaint about it to the police straight away. Before your insurance company proceeds to take action on this, it’s the duty of the police to investigate into the matter. Generally, every policy has set a certain time period. Within this time limit, you have to inform about the theft to the police. Fulfill all your legal responsibilities prior to head towards your insurance office.

Dip into Your Policy:
Read the policy thoroughly.
Make sure you’re covered for the mishap happened to your asset. Understand the processes you need to follow for successfully claiming your insurance. As for instance, certain parts of your car have been damaged. You want to fix them without waiting. But, your policy states that you’re bound to hire the mechanic to send by the insurance company only. In such a situation, you’ll be deprived of the liberty of calling your selected workman. Hence, it’s advised to check every word of the terms and conditions before knocking the door of your insurance company.

Get the Documentations Handy:
To make the process move on smoothly, ready all your documents beforehand. Some of the common papers you require are- the original copy of your policy, receipt for the stolen or damaged product, and reference number of your report.
Organize the Facts:
Your insurance company will surely ask for what has happened and how. First of all, they would love to listen to the full story. Make sure you’re not missing any single detail while narrating the theft or accident. Also, never exaggerate your story. Mention the time and date, how much money you require, and the details of all those who were associated with this mishap in any way (including the mechanic).
Contact Your Insurer:

Dial the claims helpline number of your insurance company to know about the claiming procedure in advance. You can easily get this number from their website or from your policy document. If you’ve got the insurance through an insurance broker, call him first.
The clearer you’re telling the details, the lesser will be the hold-ups for approving your claim. Also, take snaps of the damages caused to your property as proof. In short, complete all you’ve to do from your side so as to get the compensation in quick turnaround time.’
It’s also important that you choose a company which is licensed so that you’re assured that they’ll offer you the good services and have the best staff training.