Why insure life?

If your only source of income is life and work capacity, then life insurance will protect it (forsikringsselskap norge) . In fact, life insurance helps a person not to be left without money in any eventuality in life.

With a successful course of life, a person happily reaches his mature years – and an event occurs, which insurers call “survival.” By the end of a career, a life insurance policy creates a pension capital for a person . It is this capital that will feed a person for the rest of his life, because he can no longer earn money by his labor due to his old age.

If in life there was a force majeure: death, accident or fatal illness – then the person loses the ability to work at the moment when personal capital has not yet been created (Forsikringer) . How should he live? How will his family and children live after losing the breadwinner – or if the main earner in the family has become disabled?

If a person has a life insurance policy, then upon the occurrence of such events should be the insurance payment, which will ensure the future of the person and his family.

Therefore, the answer to the question “why insure life?” Is very simple – it needs to be done for your own financial security, and for the financial well-being of people close to you. Read my article on the topic: ” I have three problems .”

A life insurance policy is a tool that ensures the financial well-being of a family in various life situations. In this event, which covers the policy – will come with a probability of 100%.

Because for any period of time in the future in life will come either survival or death (Ansvarsforsikring) . Of course, we will expect only the first? However, any of these events requires serious savings. They create a contract for life insurance – providing capital to the family at the very moment when it is extremely necessary.

What is the conclusion? 100% of families need life insurance.

4. How to insure your life
I dare to hope – by now, as a whole, you already understand what life insurance is. And maybe – you also have a desire to insure your life. Let’s talk about the steps that are reasonable to take to achieve this goal.

To finally answer the question whether it is worth insuring your life – read my article “ Why insure life ”. You will also be interested in this article .

If you intend to open the policy, you will probably first make a small plan for yourself – what information you need to get, which companies should be analyzed at the stage of choosing the policy. The article “ How a life insurance contract is born ” will help you draw up a plan of action.

Even those people in Russia who made the decision to insure their life – very vaguely imagine, and for what amount do they need life insurance? Meanwhile, this is an extremely important question, only the correct answer to which can give your family financial security. In this regard, read my article ” How much life insurance you need .”

Further, it would be good to present the current situation in the life insurance market – what are the policies, how do they differ, what contracts should be used. This will help you my ” Overview of life insurance solutions available in Russia .”

Finally, when you realize the importance of insuring your own life, and the possible range of tools for this – you will need to find an independent financial adviser who, after consultation, will open you the necessary contract.